Labs can waste resources on printing and scanning path reports when it is no longer necessary.  An interface (HL7, PDF, Custom, etc.) will deliver the path report directly back to your client without the lab having to print or scan unneeded documents.   IntelliPath can provide the interface to help meet your client’s needs.

Types of Interfaces IntelliPath can provide:

  • Client Integration
    • Orders
    • ADT
    • Results
  • Billing
  • Client Management
  • Molecular Results Import
  • Specimen Tracking
  • Digital Pathology (Slide Imaging)
  • Cancer Reporting
Interface channels:
  • Direct
  • Multi-point
  • Hub

Cloud Interface Server

Using NetSoft’s Cloud Interface Server not only removes the hardware cost from the lab but provides a quick and easy implementation for interfaces.  The secured server is hosted and owned by NetSoft and eliminates connectivity delays that can be caused by third-party vendors.  The Cloud Interface Server also provides real-time interaction with each interface putting the lab in control with a web page dashboard.  Give us a call so we can discuss the full benefit of living in the Cloud.

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