"From day one, before NetSoft came on-site for install, the communication and service from NetSoft have been superior.  Every person on staff at Netsoft is helpful.  If they do not know the answer, they know who to guide me to in order for me to get the answer.  I've never been told NetSoft "can't" do the job I've asked them to do."

Laboratory Clinical Administrator

"I have been an end user of IntelliPath since 2001.  I have worked closely with the NetSoft team on standardization and process improvement for 5 separate entities, all of which are customized differently.  NetSoft provides unmatched, personal support to all users of their software."  

"The staff at NetSoft are always available to listen to your issue, troubleshoot the issue, identify the project plan, and play an integral role in seeing the project completed timely.  The customer service and attentiveness definitely assist me in my day-to-day responsibilities."

Regional Director Revenue Cycle Management
Large Laboratory Group in U.S.

"IntelliPath is simple to learn and has an easy flow to the screens and data."

"IntelliPath works great with a remote desktop deployment."   

"Support has always been a differentiator in the technology space and NetSoft has a friendly, qualified, and speedy support team.  Ease of access by phone and works your issue until it has been resolved. A shout out to the interface team.  We have interfaces into 3 different EMRs (Orders, Results, and Billing).  All work perfectly..."

Director of Information Technology
North Carolina

"Intellipath has worked diligently with us to integrate their LIS product into our EHR and Practice management platforms.  This integration has allowed us to streamline efficiency by not having to segregate workflows between user applications.  Having worked in the dermatology industry for some time this has not always been the case with other LIS systems I have used in the past."

"The NetSoft team has provided top notch customer service for our team.  I have had nothing but great interactions with the support staff as they always drop what they are doing to resolve an issue or keep me abreast of an expected resolution time should an issue require further troubleshooting."

"One of the biggest risks/liability in dermatology is associated with the processing of pathology tests.  Having worked with Intellipath integrating the product seamlessly via HL-7 Interface gives me the peace of mind that nothing will fall through the cracks." 

"The greatest strength is the people.  The Intellipath team has come onsite multiple times to help refine our workflows to make sure we are staying abreast of the operational best practices for derm path processing."

Director of Integration and Operations
North Carolina

“IntelliPath is very easy to use, it’s easy to see the fields, sign the cases out, control the billing, and more the cases through the day quickly.”

“Through an IntelliPath interface, cases are signed, sealed, delivered.”

“I can’t think of any problem training new staff in IntelliPath.  It is easy for any individual to adapt to IntelliPath”


“I’ve been a client for almost 2 decades, and IntelliPath continues to evolve….I would never consider using another company.”

“I feel like when I call, I always get a person, the person cares about the problem, and will work to resolve the problem.  You never feel as if you are being ignored.  The problem always gets addressed.”

“When dealing with big companies a lot of times you feel as if they do not care, you’re lost, you are not important to them.  We do not feel this way with NetSoft. This is really important to me and my staff.”

“IntelliPath pays attention to me and IntelliPath keeps improving”