"From day one, before NetSoft came on-site for install, the communication and service from NetSoft have been superior.  Every person on staff at Netsoft is helpful.  If they do not know the answer, they know who to guide me to in order for me to get the answer.  I've never been told NetSoft "can't" do the job I've asked them to do."

Jessica Cole
Laboratory Clinical Administrator, Riverchase Dermatology
Fort Myers, FL

I have been an end user of IntelliPath since 2001.  I have worked closely with the NetSoft team on standardization and process improvement for 5 separate entities, all of which are customized differently.  NetSoft provides unmatched, personal support to all users of their software.  

The staff at NetSoft are always available to listen to your issue, troubleshoot the issue, identify the project plan, and play an integral role in seeing the project completed timely.  The customer service and attentiveness definitely assist me in my day-to-day responsibilities.

Rebecca Roberts
Regional Director Revenue Cycle Management, Aurora Diagnostics